Best Drill Press 2023- Ultimate Review & Buying Guide

The drill press is one of the most useful and versatile of all the tools in a workshop. The best drill press excels in making precise holes in wood and metals, and it offers more power and accuracy than a handheld drill. Also, unlike standard handheld drills, drill presses come in either stationary or bench-top models.

If you are only engaged in occasional home repairs, you may get away with just an ordinary drilling tool. However, for serious woodworking projects, a drill press will come in handy when you need to bore precise holes through wood, metal, and other materials.

Best drill presses at a glance

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1. WEN 4210T- Best value

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WEN 4210T tops our list of best drill presses because it is one of the most flexible drill presses available. One thing that we liked is that it is packed with features found in large industrial models to let you drill through different materials with ease. It plenty powerful, quiet, and feels well built.

The 4210T is a worthy upgrade over WEN 4208 and 4210 entry models, and it will take you about 20 minutes to assemble everything.

Its powerful 3.2 amp motor provides enough torque to help you drill high-density materials like steel, wood, and more. Additionally, the motor is equipped with ball bearings to extend its life and to offer unmatched performance at any level.

Another noteworthy function is its 2-1/2″ spindle travel that allows for accurate and repeatable drilling over and over. Along with this, you can adjust five speeds ranging from 600 to 3100 RPM, and this exceeded our expectations at this price point.

Notable features

Precision Laser: WEN 4210T is equipped with class II 1mW laser, making it easier to pinpoint the exact spot that the drill bit will travel through. This allows for the highest precision during operations making this a very reliable drill press to work with. The laser guide projects an X-pattern on your workpiece for accuracy and to help eliminate guesswork.

Convenient work light: With the fitted LED light, you can illuminate your work area to ensure maximum visibility and precision. Further, most users loved its drilling accuracy and how flawlessly it works with different materials. Speeds are easy to change, and although it is not designed for the toughest drilling jobs, it is at least powerful for all DIY-types of projects.

Depth adjustment gauge: WEN 4210T lets you set the depth of your drill bit depending on the type of materials for precise drilling. Furthermore, it provides you with a 2 1/2-inch spindle travel to enable you to drill deeper holes than before.

Unlike 4208, which offers a swing of 8 inches, WEN 4210T has increased the swing to 10 inches to allow you to work with extensive materials comfortably.

Beveling worktable: With the 7-5/8 x 7-5/8″ cast iron worktable, you can work with decent-sized materials, including steel sheets, lumber, and more. Also, you can bevel the table up to 45° left and right to accommodate for applications that may require precise angled drilling. Besides, the table is easy to adjust, making it the best choice for the average DIYer/ hobbyists.

Versatility at its best: The JT33 spindle taper gives you the freedom to use bits up to 1/2-inch in diameter. You can directly fit a variety of bits, and the good thing is that it includes onboard storage to keep your chuck key and other tools for assembly close by.


  • Sturdy frame construction provides reliability
  • WEN 4210T is designed to be smooth and powerful
  • Best drill press for accuracy
  • Great drill press for small shops
  • Assembly and use is straightforward
  • It is a great mid-sized drill press


  • It is not as powerful, but it is not a bad deal for the price
  • Drill bits are not included, but it is a quality drill press


We have no doubts recommending this to anyone looking to buy an economical and reliable drill press. It is ideal for startups, professionals, or general DIY enthusiasts who need something versatile with a range of use.

2. DEWALT DWE1622K- Best for metals

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DEWALT DWE1622K is a dedicated magnetic drill press that is developed to be both compact and lightweight for easy transportation from one job site to another.

One thing that we liked about DEWALT DWE1622K is its 10 amp motor with two speed settings to provide the user with the best performance in a range of applications.

The magnetic base is yet another mouthwatering feature that made us choose the DWE1622K. With the magnetic base, you can adhere your machine to the working surface and drill from any position. This can be helpful when you need to drill horizontally, vertically, or overhead, giving you the flexibility you can never achieve with any other machine.

As stated, it is very portable, and it is basically used to make holes through metals. Other operations include thread cutting, countersinking, reaming, and more. However, this is not the best drill press for woodworking; the electromagnet requires that you attach it to metal.

Notable features

Overload protection: DEWALT DWE1622K has overload protection to prevent the motor from stalling when an overload occurs. This will help prevent the possibility of motor damage as well as prevent damage to the drill bit. Ultimately, overload protection helps to ensure the lifetime of your machine while protecting you from potential injuries should the drill fail.

Tool-free operation: You’ll be happy to use the quick change chuck system that lets you alternate between 3/4″ Weldon Shank and 1/2″ key chuck effortlessly. In addition, it is fitted with quick-release feed handles that offer a tool-less change of handle on both sides of the drill. Also, the kit comes with a lot of accessories that competitor models do not provide.

Maximum drilling capacity: The 4-3/8″ spindle travel makes it fit for heavy-duty applications, and it is also best for professionals. The design of this machine is also something to write home about, and it is convenient for use in tight spaces. All features are user-friendly, making it even more versatile and efficient for a wide array of drilling projects.

Compatibility with a range of accessories: The motor height adjustment makes it easy for you to pair this with a range of accessories. However, it is advisable to use only DEWALT recommended accessories to reduce the risk of bodily harm. The magnetic coolant bottle is exceptional, and you can place it on either side of the drill or the work surface to suit different orientations.


  • Overload protection for heavy-duty operation
  • Tons of power
  • It drills consistent and accurate holes
  • Smooth operation
  • Easy to assemble
  • The magnet is quite powerful


  • Not the cheapest model out there
  • The drill is not ideal for use on wood, but there are plenty of models you can use for your woodworking
  • Unlike other modes like Shop Fox W1848 offers up to 12 speeds, this unit offers only two speed settings


This table-top drill press is a game-changer for metal fabricators, DIY enthusiasts, and artisans who want to remain at the top of their game. It ticks all the boxes for strong magnet, fast drilling and it is the best drill press for metals.

3. Shop Fox W1848- Best floor standing

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Shop Fox W1848 is the big brother of Shop Fox’s W1667 and W1668 oscillating drill presses. Unlike the two bench-top versions, the W1848 is a floor drill press, and it is designed for more heavy-duty projects. This model features the unique oscillating spindle to give you the convenience of two functions in one machine, i.e., drilling and sanding

The machine results in a smooth finish on your work materials, making this one of the versatile drill presses available. The oscillating spindle is designed to reduce heat build-up during operation, and it is a great choice when you need to get things done faster.

What’s more, it has more power compared to its bench-top siblings, and it is ideal for thick and tough materials.

Key features

Oscillating function for sanding applications: The fact that you can switch from drilling to sanding in a matter of seconds is simply amazing. The sanding capability comes in handy when you need to carry out sanding operations without the added cost of getting a second machine. Simply set up the sanding drums and the right grit sanding sleeve, choose the spindle speed for the job, and you are ready to go.

Modern floor standing design: If you compare W848 with its predecessors (i.e., W1667 and W16678, it has a rock-solid and durable build that is not available in the two bench-top models. Its improved design can stand hours of heavy usage, and it surpasses bench-top models in every aspect except portability. So, if you have the space at your home workshop, this floor-standing drill press is a great choice.

Tilting table for flexibility during operations: The W1848 gives the operator the ability to tilt the table 90-degrees on both sides or adjust the height of the table to achieve the desired working angle. You can also adjust the height of the table up or down to adapt to different drilling situations. You can also opt to move the table aside and use the base as your work table.

Outstanding motor speed: The operating speed can be adjusted from250 RPM to 3050 RPM with a range of up to 12 speed ratings. This just proves that it is the best drill press for the money, and it is the best bet when working with different materials. So, whether you are working on harder stock or lighter material, this floor drill press is up to the task.


  • Two machines in one
  • You have 12 speed settings to choose from
  • Its 3/4 HP motor provides enough power to take on a range of projects
  • It is ideal for precision drilling work
  • Overall, the unit is solid build and function well


  • One obvious disadvantage is the size. It is a huge machine, so portability may be a concern
  • It will also cost you more than the bench-top drill presses, but this should not be a big issue considering that you are getting yourself a multi-purpose tool


Shop Fox W1848 is a perfect machine for those who do a lot of professional work or those looking for more power, precision, and stability in a floor drill press. It is packed with all features needed in a professional shop to help you get the most for your buck.

4. WEN 4208- Best for DIYers

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WEN 4208 is yet another powerful drill press for occasional use, and it has a lot to offer. However, unlike the 4210T, which features a powerful motor, WEN 4208 features a 1/3 HP motor, but it is powerful enough to drill through different materials, including metal, plastics, wood, and more.

We’ve listed this machine on our list of the best drill presses because it is quite affordable, easy to manipulate, and it is used by professionals and DIYers worldwide.

We liked the fact WEN 4208 is compact enough to save on your working table but at the same time powerful enough to take on a range of demanding projects. Apart from that, WEN 4208 gives you maximum versatility with a variety of bits thanks to the ½ ” JT33 chuck.

Key features

Rigid construction: The head, table, and base are made from cast iron to offer you a sturdy unit for accurate drilling every time. The build quality and durability of this unit is more than a match at this price point, plus it delivers professional results.

Shipment weight is roughly 31 pounds for utmost portability. Less effort is required to set the drill press in place, and it does not take much space on your workbench.

Five speed operation: The availability of five different speed settings allows you to handle different project requirements. It can accommodate projects ranging from 740 PRM to 3140 RPM (i.e., 740, 1100, 1530, 2100, and 3140).

We like this feature because it allows you to work with different materials of varying characteristics. Also, it allows for quick and accurate drilling, and it allows the operator to deliver the best results as long as you’re familiar with the different speed settings.

Smooth and balanced operation: Just like WEN 4210T, the 4208 allows you to bevel the worktable up to 45° left or right to allow you to perform angled drilling precisely. The table measures 6-1/2 x 6-1/2-inches, and it has slots to allow you to mount various clamps and vices.

Besides, the motor features a ball-bearing construction to provide a smooth performance even when pushed to the limit. This construction also helps ensure an extended motor life.

Depth adjustment indicator: The depth adjustment knob allows you to set or limit your spindle travel according to your project requirements. This is especially helpful when your projects call for high accuracy or during repeatable drilling operations.

The WEN 4208 has an 8-inch swing, meaning you can drill the center of an 8-inch material effortlessly. But if you have an extra dollar to spend, you can consider the WEN 4210T with a 10-inch swing.


  • It is lightweight and easy to use
  • It meets the needs of a wide range of projects
  • Cast iron construction guarantees stable operation
  • Drills in most materials with ease
  • It is pretty easy to put together


  • Less powerful when compared to other WEN drill presses
  • You may experience a hard time drilling through harder and thicker material


WEN drill presses never disappoint. The WEN 4208 offers a considerable amount of power for woodworking and metalworking projects, and it is an ideal choice for those working with a low budget.

That said, it does not offer the cutting-edge features that come with high-end models, so you may want to consider other advanced models such as the Shop Fox W1848 above if you need more features.

5. Dremel 220-01-Best budget

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This table-top drill is a one-in-all drill that will help you in precision drilling. It provides a complete set of tools for applications such as drilling, sanding, buffing, and more.

Additionally, this model has a small footprint, so it will not take up much space on your work table.

As a DIY enthusiast or professional woodworker, the first thing you’ll want to know about your drill press is whether it is solidly constructed to allow for long life and improved precision work. This tool is designed to last for years provided that it is well maintained properly and that you don’t use it for anything it is not designed for.

The drill press and the workstation is very easy to put together, but it is not heavy-duty, so if you are looking for something to take the place of a heavy-duty drill press consider WEN 4210T or Shop Fox W1848 for deeper drilling.

Top features

3-in-1 workstation: This model can be used as a drill press, a tool holder, or a flex-shaft tool stand. The tool not only drills into metals but is also great for boring wood and other woodworking operations.

Additionally, you can use this machine to hold your tools in place (90 degrees horizontal) when you need to perform tasks such as grinding, buffing, or sanding.

If you are looking to conserve your workbench, the attached flex shaft tool stand is the perfect solution. The shaft conveniently suspends your tools while allowing for telescopic adjustments to a preferred height between 16 and 29 inches.

On-board storage: The crow nest provides an easy way to store your drill bits and other accessories you need during operation. This offers convenience to the user, and it also saves time. That’s not all. The unit comes with cord management clips to keep your cords organized, and to provide safe storage of your power cords.

Inch and metric marking: The inch/metric marking on the base of the unit allows you to drill into the workpiece accurately. Along with this, the user can have access to the depth markings to help eliminate guesswork and allow for accurate and precise drilling.

The base is made of sturdy metal to allow you to hold large workpieces, and it comes with four clamping points for holding the workstation securely in position.

Compatibility with Dremel rotary tools: Dremel 220-01 is one the most versatile workstations, and it is compatible with all Dremel rotary tools as well as some cordless ones.

The unit is compatible with the following models: 100, 200, 275, 285, 300, 395, 398, 400, 800, 3000, 4000, 4200, 8100, 8200, and 8220.

The best part is that you can bolt your workstation in any workbench, and it is a great fit for hobbies, crafts, and a range of wood and metalworking projects around the house.


  • It is lightweight, but this does not necessarily mean it is unstable
  • The work station is very stable and sturdy
  • It is very versatile as compared to other small benchtop drill presses
  • Dremel 220-01 is a well-designed and well-built tool
  • Reasonable size


  • It is meant for light drilling type of work
  • Some parts are made from plastic, but it is quite sturdy


One thing is for sure, a great drill press is the only way to go about your metalworking and woodworking operations in your home workshop.

Dremel 220-01 is a straightforward drill press for an average home workshop, and it is specially designed for hobbies and light-duty work.

Aside from the small things here and there, this drill press is an invaluable addition to any garage or any small shop.

6. Genesis GDP1005A- Best for home shop

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Genesis GDP1005A stands out with its unmatched versatility and accuracy, and it is ideal for heavy-duty applications that require versatility and more power.

This is the best drill press for metal and wood, and besides, it has a robust construction and a thoughtful design made for larger projects. Besides, with more speed selections, you remain more in control, and you can work on a range of materials with the needed precision.

Using Genesis GDP1005A will help you establish a precise drilling station while ensuring that you can work with your tool for years to come. Further, the inclusion of a flexible worktable helps ensure accurate work while allowing the operator to adapt to different drilling needs.

Notable features

Powerful motor: Genesis GDP1005A features a powerful 4.1-amp induction motor, the strongest of all the products we have reviewed so far. It runs quietly, longer, and it doesn’t heat up quickly, resulting in a smooth and better performance. Whether you’re a professional with many years of experience or just starting out your career, this unit will live up to standard by delivering enough power for efficient drilling operations.

Integrated work light: Genesis GDP1005A comes with an inbuilt LED light that helps illuminate the work area for visibility and convenience. This feature is invaluable as it helps you to work with the required level of precision regardless of the lighting situation in your workshop.

Five speeds settings: The unit has five speed selections for drilling woods, plastic, metal, ceramics, and other materials. It allows easy access to the pulley housing that makes the selection of the five speeds a breeze ranging from a low of 620 RPM to a high of 3070 RPM (i.e., 620, 1150, 1630, 2180, and 3070).

Ideally, this is more than enough for most around-the-home tasks, and it is certainly a big improvement from budget units like the Dremel above.

Ease of use: The included work table is designed to tilt between 0 to 45 degrees to allow for accurate and angled drilling. Further, it can make a complete 360 degrees rotation to accommodate your demanding/changing requirements.

What’s more, the table uses a rack-and-pinion height adjustment mechanism to allow you to set a height that is the most ideal for you.

The unit supports a 5/8″ chunk size to handle larger bits while allowing you to be more flexible.


  • It is made pretty well for such an inexpensive drill press
  • Genesis GDP1005A is made for power and precision
  • Easy setup and operation
  • Small footprint free-up more space in your workshop
  • Cast iron base ensures stability during drilling operations


  • Some may find it somehow noisy
  • Also, it tends to wobble at high speeds, but a few readjustments can help fix this


This machine is excellent for DIY projects and large projects alike. It is an excellent choice if you’re on a budget, plus it can handle long working hours.

7. NOVA 58000 Voyager- Best smart drill press

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If you are looking for a smart drill press, then NOVA 58000 is the way to go.

It combines smart features and the state of the art technology to make your drilling projects much easier, productive, and more fun.

Despite not being a popular brand like WEN or DEWALT, it is one of the most powerful units out there that offers advanced features as well as an 18-inch swing to accommodate even the toughest drilling jobs. Furthermore, you can adjust your speed using the computerized interface or manually with a turn of a knob.

It is the most high-end model on our list, and it comes with more features than standard bench-top drill presses, especially catering to professional needs. Apart from this, it comes with a very interesting Adaptive Control software feature that helps set the right conditions for drilling depending on your specific project needs.

Most notable features

Instant power: The Voyager has a robust 1.75HP/2HP motor that delivers high torque when you need it. The motor is built using unique Digital Variable Reluctance (DVR) technology, which is not only powerful but also results in smooth performance.

The fact that it is a computer-controlled motor means that it will only draw the required amount of power needed to complete the job. With a DVR motor, you can save up to 50% of the energy over traditional motor designs.

Capacity to optimize speed and power: The DVR motor has customizing software that allows you to select and set the correct speed for your application. The default speed range is 50-3000 RPM, but you adjust to 5500 RPM to give you the ability to handle a variety of projects easily.

Easy to use LCD Screen: Using the LCD screen, you’ll be able to customize your features using one of the best software interfaces in the world. The user software helps you to;

  • Select the correct speed setting for your materials
  • Monitor operations and feedbacks for the best possible results
  • Set the depth using digital quill depth read-out
  • Get assistance with the drill bit selection

Once you let the NOVA know the material you are using, it will automatically select the best depth, speed, and the right amount of power to get the job done.

Safety features: NOVA Voyager is designed with your safety and those around you in mind. In the event the drill press falls, the included tilt sensor will alert the machine to shut off automatically.

Also, if the material you’re working on becomes loose, the sensors will again detect the imminent danger making the machine shut off immediately.

Besides, you can set an access password to prevent unauthorized use, especially when working in a school environment.

Online Firmware upgrades: The company’s website provides the latest version of downloadable firmware updates to ensure that your machine is up to date. You can download all these for free to ensure that you get up-to-date features and functions.

You’ll need to use the USB port and a PC with internet access to upgrade/update your software. Once updated, you should be able to access new features or software improvements that will improve the performance of your drill press.


  • Voyager provides ultimate user-friendliness
  • The direct-drive motor operates outstandingly
  • Strong motor
  • It is pretty easy to change RPM settings
  • It does not use belts or pulleys hence giving you smooth and quiet operation
  • Variable speed; 50- 5500 RPM is a pretty huge range


  • Adding a laser guide will help a great deal
  • NOVA 58000 is not for the price-sensitive user – just for those who want value


NOVA 58000 is an absolute choice for anyone who wants a cross-functional machine for basic wood boring, metalworking, plastic handling, ceramics, and more. The entire operation is incredibly smooth, and there is absolutely no comparison between this machine and traditional belt-driven drill presses.

8. JET JWDP-12 716000- Best variable speed

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JET JWDP-12 is designed with serious DIYers in mind, and it is mainly used for woodworking and some metalworking projects alike.

One thing we really liked about JET JWDP is the variable speed drive system that allows the user to increase or decrease the speed without interfering with the position of the belt. The system helps to reduce labor while boosting productivity.

Another cool feature you’ll like in JET JWDP is the LED work light.

The LED work light will help illuminate the work area and it is especially helpful when working on intricate projects.

The LED work light will help illuminate the work area, and it is especially helpful when working on intricate projects. Additionally, the JET manufacturers have a reputation for producing quality drill presses. This bench-top model is rising up to the top, and it the best drill press for home shop or on the go.

Features and benefits

Industrial performance: JET JWDP comes with a 5/8″ drill chuck to accommodate multiple and demanding drilling applications. And with a 12-inch swing and 3-1/8” of spindle travel, you get power and versatility in a package that will fit on any worktable.

Whereas most bench-top model comes with 2 to 3 amp motors, JET JWDP has a powerful 1/2 HP 5- amp motor that handles almost every project thrown to it.

Ultimate drilling accuracy: Whereas NOVA 58000 does not have a laser guide, JET JWDP is equipped with a unique X-shaped XACTA laser to ensure accurate drilling every time. The accuracy of level is enhanced further by the inbuilt work light that increases the visibility while reducing eye fatigue. It is a compact, inexpensive model that allows for easy storage, and you’ll enjoy it every time you use.

Maximum support: Other than the laser guide, it has a retractable roller extension for the best user experience. The extension provides maximum support to your workpieces while allowing you to make quick adjustments if so needed.

Additionally, the unit features a 10″ x 16-1/8″ cast iron base that will fit nicely on any table top that you may have. Besides, the large base makes the unit more stable, suppresses vibrations, and prevents tipping.

Ease of use: JET JWDP comes with large and ergonomic knobs to ensure that you’re in total control of all operations. The unit also has a large paddle switch to easily shut off the machine and lockout protection when the machine is not in use.

It also has a clear linear scale with a depth stop to ensure repeatable drilling depth and that the depth is always consistent.

Speed control: The variable speed is adjusted using a simple dial to drive the motor from a low of 530P RPM to a high of 3100 RPM. This mechanism allows for easy speed changes, which are displayed on the large digital read-out

For what this machine costs, you get a decent build quality, plus if your machine needs repair or service, you can contact any of the company’s Authorized Service Center for quick service.


  • The build and speed controls are great
  • The variable-speed motor is the best there is
  • The built-in work light is convenient
  • Vibration/wobbling is kept to the minimum
  • The laser works great
  • Set up is straightforward


  • Somewhat expensive for a hobbyist
  • JET JWDP can be complex for a novice user to understand how it operates, but it is easy to master with time


The JET handles everything thrown to it with great precision, and it easy to adjust as per your requirements. The best part is that it is powerful enough to tackle large projects yet portable enough to carry it along with you.

9. EURO TOOL DRL-300.00 -Small benchtop drill press

[amazon box=”B0058ECQX2″]

The EURO TOOL DRL-300.00 fits the definition of a small but mighty drill press. It is a “tiny” easy-to-use bench-top drill press, and it screws into any work table without taking too much space.

It may be small, but it guarantees you the power to take on small to medium precision work such as trim wood, jewelry, model making, among others. It is a great fit for a small shop as well as average jewelry studios.

Notable features

Small and compact: The features and design of this model are pretty basic, but it works just fine if you want an inexpensive and reliable drill press for your home workshop. It is suitable for most drilling projects and not just small and DIY ones.

However, in comparison to JET JWDP-12, which allows you to take on the toughest materials, EURO TOOL DRL-300.00 is recommended for light household tasks, but it offers ultimate precision.

Superior versatility: With a variable speed of up to 8500 RPM, you’ll get control and the precision you need when working with small and more delicate workpieces. It is especially versatile when handling jewelry, plus you can adjust the drilling angle when dealing with complex designs. Plus, if you’re looking for the best drill press under 200, this is the machine to go for.

Built for durability: Measuring 6-3/4 inches by 6-3/4 inches, this mini drill press is made for durability. It is made from various materials, including heavy-duty steel, to prevent the machine from wobbling or falling during operation. Also, at just 13 pounds, the machine is fine for an average homeowner, and it is easy to carry to the garage or anywhere else convenient.

Fairly powerful: Although it does not have the strongest motor, it is very efficient when working at high speed. The 100 watts capacity is strong enough for most DIY tasks, plus you can plug it in a standard 110V outlet. The machine accepts Jacobs chuck (0.6 – 6.5mm), so you’ll get a considerable advantage when working with different materials or when you need to shift from one project to another.


  • It is space-saving and economical
  • Variable speed; you can drive the motor up to 8500 RPM
  • Best portable model
  • As sturdy as a drill be can be
  • Goof for fine crafting and precision work
  • The compact design makes it the best bench top drill press for the money


  • It is certainly not designed for heavy-duty work
  • Adjustability may be a concern


EURO TOOL DRL-300.00 mini drill press gives you unsurpassed control over small DIY tasks. It offers more precision than any other model in its class, plus it comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty.

10. SKIL 3320-01- Best drill press with laser

[amazon box=”B003LSSS0W”]

Most budget drill presses are a go-to option for hobbyists and DIYers, but often most of them skip on build quality or the performance you require. However, SKIL 3320-01is the absolute kicker, and it adds value without the expense.

Something you’ll love when you buy this tool is its powerful 3.2- amp motor. The motor features an adjustable pulley system that you can use to select up to five different speeds for different drilling tasks.

Another advantage that this drill press has over other bench-top models is accuracy. The laser guide helps you bore holes accurately without the need to raise or lower the drill bit repeatedly.

Notable features

Laser X2 for accurate drilling: This model provides for precise hole alignment on the workpiece using the X2 2 Beam Laser. The laser will project two lines on your workpiece, making it easy for you to line up large bits much easier. Additionally, its depth adjustment system lets you drill identical holes consistently and as many times as you would want.

5-speed settings: You can use five different speed settings (570, 900, 1390, 2050, 3050) to bore clean holes through metal, wood pieces, and other different material types. It leaves behind polished and splinter-free holes regardless of the task at hand.

Additionally, it comes with a 1/2″ keyed chuck which supports large diameter bits for your woodworking and cutting projects.

Tilting work surface: You can tilt the square work surface from 0 to 45 degrees left or right to ensure accuracy when doing angled drilling. In addition, it is fitted with a crank handle that you can use to adjust the height for your different needs. The table offers four slots that you can use to clamp your workpiece to ease your drilling operations.

Adjustable depth stop: This is an invaluable feature that makes drilling at a consistent depth easier and faster. It provides accurate measurements for repetitive drilling at the same depth. Another key feature is the bump-off switch that helps prevent authorized access to the machine. This means that you can disable the switch when you’re not using the machine, and this is especially useful when you have kids around.


  • Variable speed for a wide variety of materials
  • Cast iron construction is quite sturdy
  • Compact design
  • It is safe to operate
  • It is also quite affordable


  • It does not include a work light, but it is a great machine nonetheless
  • The unit uses a manual belt adjustment to adjust the speed, but this should only be a concern if you change the speeds often
  • Small work surface


SKIL 3320-01 is designed for serious woodworkers, in-house professionals, or weekend warriors looking for great precision than what a handheld drill offers. It can drill into anything as long as you have the right bits to work with.

Buying guide: Criteria for choosing the best drill press

Before you settle with a particular drill press, there are several factors you’ll need to consider. They include;

Type of drill press

Ideally, drill types come in two forms i.e., stationary and bench-top models.

i. Stationary drill presses

Stationary machines, also known as floor-standing models, are designed to be used in a fixed position. They are heavier and harder to move, but the good thing is that they provide greater capacity for large workpieces. Also, they have more features and power, and they offer a wide range of operating speeds.

ii. Bench-top drill presses

Bench-top models are relatively small and lighter than stationary models, and they can be moved around easily. The advantage of using a bench-top model is that it can be mounted on a bench or a work table, so it does not require a lot of space. However, they have less power than stand-alone models, so they are not ideal for heavy-duty use.

Drill press size

The size of the drill press is equally important, and it is determined by two parameters, i.e., the swing and the spindle travel.

Swing refers to the distance between the spindle and the central column of the drill press, multiplied by two. This means that a machine that measures 6 inches has a 12″ swing, and it can bore holes through a 12″ piece of material. Ideally, a machine that measures 6 inches between the spindle and the central column is described as a 12″ drill press. The swing determines the maximum width that the drill press can handle if you need to bore through a workpiece.

Spindle travel, Spindle travel, on the other hand, is basically how deep your drill press can go as you rotate your handle. Small models, and in this case, the bench-top models, have spindle travel of about two to three inches of vertical movement. On the other hand, full-sized models can have spindle travel of up to six inches or more. Generally, most DIY tasks don’t require this level of performance, so a machine with round 4 inches spindle travel is more than enough. .

Drill press speed range

Does the drilling speed or rotation speed matter? Yes. Drilling faster than the recommended speed can result in overheating. On the other hand, slower speeds than the recommended ones will take much longer to cut and may lead to poor quality holes.

Most higher-end models offer variable rotation speeds to allow you to work with a wide range of materials. A good stand-alone model will offer up to 16 speeds, while most bench-top models have five or six speeds.

Power source

When it comes to powering your machine, you’ll need to choose between a corded drill or a cordless battery-powered one.

Corded electric drill presses win when it comes to power, speed, as well as the ability to work continuously without the need to stop to recharge or replace the battery. Also, you don’t need to deal with the weight of a heavy battery pack. However, they are less portable, which can be a big factor when you’re on the move.

Cordless drill presses let you handle small DIY projects on the spot, and you don’t need to have an outlet nearby. Most of these drill presses are ideal for simple tasks around the home, and the best part you can take it with you without having to worry about dragging the cord. Although they may not give you as much power as their corded cousin, you can still rely on them for bigger jobs such as drilling holes in metal.

Wrap up!

A drill press is the most versatile tool in any workshop, and it will pay to equip your shop with a brand that has a reputation for reliability and quality. This handy not only drills into metal workpieces but also performs outstandingly during woodworking operations, including sanding and mortising. Investing in the best drill gives you the ability to drill straight and even holes, and it offers better accuracy and power than its hand-held counterpart.

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