How to Size a Welding Cap

Wearing PPE (personal protective equipment) in welding environments is an important safety practice that helps to minimize exposure to potential welding hazards. Considering that most welding hazards could permanently impair the well-being of welders, it is always a good idea to plan and controls all potential hazards.

Getting a welding cap is a great way of ensuring that your head and hair are protected during welding—but that’s the easier part. In order for you to get maximum protection, you’ll need to know how to measure a welding cap size and ensure that it fits well.

For the best fit, you may want to ensure that your hat is not too loose or too tight. Also, you can always opt to get one with adjustable straps that you can adjust depending on the size of your head. However, if don’t prefer a strapped cap or one with an elastic band, then you’ll need to learn how to choose the correct size.

How to Size a Welding Cap

How to size a welding cap

Generally, a welding hat is sized by taking the measurements of your head circumference and your crown height. The easiest way to achieve this is to use a tape measure (similar to the one used by tailors) to take your measurements. You can also ask a friend or co-worker to help you take the measurements.


  1. Place one end of the tape measure at the center of your forehead. Hold the tape firmly in place and wrap it all around your head to the front.
  2. Ensure the tape fits snugly to ensure that the cap will be comfortable to wear. Also, you may want to ensure that the tape rest above the ears.
  3. Note down the measurements of your circumference before you can move on to your crown height measurements. The standard measuring unit for welding hats is inches, so you may want to ensure that your measurements are in inches.
  4. Next, place one end of the tape measure at the tip of your head bump (the peak point) to the bottom-most part of your head. Generally, this is the point where you’d expect the welding cap band to rest.

After you have taken both measurements, you can now compare and contrast your figures with different measurements offered by various welding cap companies. In most cases, different manufacturers will have slight variations in their welding hat size chart, but the difference is negligible.

In general, standard welding cap sizes range from 6 ¾ inches to 8 inches. A typical welding cap size chart will tabulate different cap sizes against the recommended head measurements. For instance, if your head circumference yields 21 1/2″ or a figure close to this, the recommended welding hat size is 7 1/8.

On the other hand, if your head measurement is about 25 inches, then you’re better off with an 8-inch hat. If your measurements fall between two different sizes, it is always a good idea to go with the larger size.

An example of a welding cap size chart

Head Circumference MeasurementWelding Cap Size
21 1/8 in6 3/4 in
21 1/2 in6 7/8 in
21 7/8 in7 in
22 ¼ in7 1/8 in
22 5/8 in7 1/4 in
23 in7 3/8 in
23 ½ in7 1/2 in
23 7/8 in7 5/8 in
24 1/47 3/4 in
24 5/8 in7 7/8 in
25 in8 in

Note: The head measurements are mere approximations. As such, you’ll need to round off your exact head measurements to the nearest number.

When it comes to the crown size, the most common variations are the low crown caps (6″) and high crown caps (7″). There are some welding hats with a 6 1/2 “crown, which is also considered to be a short crown. Few designs may also have up to 7 1⁄2”, which basically pulls over the welder’s ears.

Parting Shot!

If you’re a serious welder or you spend a good number of hours in a welding shop, you certainly need a welding hat to protect your head amidst flying sparks. The welding caps come in different shapes and sizes to suit varying needs. The good thing is that you can take your measurements from the comfort of your home and order one online.

If you aren’t sure about your exact sizing, consider picking one size fits all welding caps designed to accommodate any head size. Apart from choosing the correct sizing, you may want to ensure that your welding hat provides you with the much-needed protection and the desired level of comfort.

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