How to Size a Welding Cap

How to Size a Welding Cap

Wearing PPE (personal protective equipment) in welding environments is an important safety practice that helps to minimize exposure to potential welding hazards. Considering that most welding hazards could permanently impair the well-being of welders, it is always a good idea to plan and controls all potential hazards. Getting a welding cap is a great way … Read more

Can you Run a Stick Welder on a Generator? -What size Needed to Run Welder?

Can you run a stick welder on a generator

Stick welding is one of the most used welding techniques for arc welding. A Stick welder uses a solid metal electrode (stick) and electric current to join metal pieces together. This welding technique is relatively simple to learn, and its versatility has contributed to its popularity, especially for beginners. One of the first questions welders … Read more

How Hot is a Welding Arc?

How Hot is a Welding Arc

A welding arc uses an electric current to melt and join metals pieces of metal together. The process involves very high temperatures that melt the parts before letting them cool down and form the weld. Welding arcs are incredibly hot and produce enough heat that is needed to join pieces of metals into one piece. … Read more

Wood Lathe vs. Metal Lathe: Key Differences

Wood lathe vs Metal lathe

A lathe is a power tool that is designed to perform various functions, including cutting, drilling, knurling, sanding, among other operations. The device rotates the workpiece about its axis to let you cut, drill, shape, and turn wood pieces, metals, among other materials. Lathes are typically categorized by the type of work they can perform. … Read more