Best Klutch Welders: A Complete Review in 2023

Klutch welders are distributed by the Northern Tool and Equipment based in Burnsville, Minnesota. It is one of the leading companies for welding equipment and it backs all its welders with a 3 year limited warranty. As a beginner or even an experienced welder, you need a machine that’s easy to use and setup to minimize welding mistakes and boost your confidence.

In this review, we’ve rounded our focus on the best Klutch welders, suitable for professionals and beginners alike. Our selection features powerful machines with a decent set of features that will enable you grow as you develop you skill over the years.

Top 4 Klutch welders at a glance

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1. Klutch MIG Welder MP140Si- Best multi process

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Klutch MIG Welder- MP140Si is a high-quality machine with heavy-duty construction. It comes with advanced features, which can be hard to get for just a few hundred bucks. Additionally, it is built with more power than you would expect from a small model.

Something we like about Klutch MIG Welder- MP140Siis that it offers you a high degree of versatility and it is one of the leading Klutch welders in its price range. It lets you work with any kind of material from light welding jobs to repair and maintenance tasks.

Notable features

Multi-process welder: This machine is designed to handle both light and industrial tasks including MIG, flux-cored welding, DC TIG, and DC stick welding. It is an MIG-ready machine and it is ready for use with aluminum, mild steel, stainless steel, among other materials. The package includes a 10ft. MIG torch, gas hose, regulator and gas valve, a set of contact tips as well as the electrode holder with cable.

Inverter-based system: One feature you’ll like about Klutch MIG Welder MP140Si is the inverter technology that provides increased power output from a super small unit.

The machine weighs up to 50% less than comparable transformer-based units. This means that you can easily move your machine around the garage or any location with power outlet for instant welding jobs. Furthermore, it features a top-carry handle to let you take it outdoors or any other location you need it.

Great power output: This little package is powered by 120 volts and you can plug it into a standard power outlet. It has outstanding duty cycle of 30% duty cycle @ 90 Amps that lets you deliver consistent output and very strong welds. It is certainly expensive than Klutch MIG 140i below, but the consistent power output is hard to beat.

Spot timer: Another notable feature is the incredible spot timer. The spot timer kit allows the operator to set a fixed weld time, usually short-timed weld, for consistent spot welds. This feature is really helpful if you need to weld thin steel up to 3/16 inches and it is the best Klutch welder for thin metals.

Along with this, one exceptional feature that we really liked is digital metal that allows the operator to display real time welding parameters i.e., welding amperage for stick welding and voltage for MIG welding.


  • Lightweight construction
  • The model is also MIG ready
  • Consistent and smooth welds
  • Multi-process design; cost saving
  • It is easy to use


  • TIG attachment is sold separately, but the parts are readily available
  • Some people who have used this welder have reported occasional issues with the wire feed system. Fortunately this can be dealt with on the spot


Klutch MIG Welder MP 140Si is a great little welder for DIY projects around the home or repairs out in the field. Its versatility lets you take on any project with ease, and it comes with most supplies you need to get started.

If you are a beginner looking to welding in general, this Klutch welder won’t let you down.

2. Klutch MIG 140i- Best budget

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Klutch MIG 140i is another dedicated welder for MIG and flux cored welding applications. It is sturdy enough for everyday use, but at an entry-level price. In addition, the advanced design makes this machine powerful enough to handle from 24 gauge to 3/16 inch steel in just a single pass.

Besides, you can choose either of the two welding processes replacing the solid wire with flux cored wire for FCAW and vice versa. The welder is very convenient and you only need to make very minor modifications when switching.

Notable features

Versatile welder: As mentioned, this welder is designed for flux core and MIG welding. You can use this machine to weld aluminum up to1/8in. thick as well mild steel and stainless steel from 24 gauge up to 3/16 inches thick. Even though it does not support TIG and stick welding processes, it comes in attractive price and you can use the machine on a wide range of applications.

Inverter system: One obvious advantage of an inverter welder is that it is lighter, making it easier to move almost anywhere. It also offer increased power output and it operates much longer without overheating when compared to a conventional transformer-based welder. It is also designed to handle power fluctuations better than its transformer counterpart, resulting in more consistent output and improved welds.

Less input amperage: In addition, the inverter technology requires less input amperage up to 25% less than traditional transformer welders. Additionally, it runs from a 120V power source so you can run your machine off a standard house socket or even a generator.

Infinite controls: The availability of infinite voltage and wire-feed and voltage controls allow you to have maximum control over your welding applications. Besides, its 30-140 output range is wide enough for a beginner looking for something to start practicing with. The unit comes with dual gauge regulator, a MIG gun, gas hose, contact tips, ground clamp and cable to get you started immediately.


  • Ideal for beginners because of its simplicity
  • Solid construction
  • Convenient inverter design
  • It is built for everyday use
  • Power output is exceptional
  • It is ideal for use with or without shielding gas
  • Exceptional portability


  • MIG/Flux Core only
  • Spool gun is not included


Klutch MIG 140i is a perfect welder for anyone looking to get into MIG/Flux Core welding or a hobby welder looking for a machine for a small shop or garage. And with its high portability, it is one of our top pick for a beginner welder and it is a favorite among shipyard and other heavy duty jobs.

3. Klutch MIG MP251SiLCD- Best high-end

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This is a 4-in-1 welder that will assure the best in terms of quality, functionality, and efficiency. One of the biggest advantages of the machine is the maximum control that the operator has over welding and heat output.

It is a high-end welder, and it is a favorite among serious hobbyists and industrial workers alike. And although its price is on the higher end, you can expect its performance and quality to be at par with the some of the best units in the market.

Notable features

LCD control: The welder comes with LCD interface that makes set up and adjustments easy. The panel also gives you an opportunity to fine tune welding parameters to suit your needs, thus eliminating guess work. With this, you can choose the best welding parameters based on the information provided or the materials you’re working with.

Excellent versatility: This welder has a robust construction that allows you to perform a variety of welding processes from a single unit. The machine can handle metals up to ½-inch thick in a single pass. Weldable materials include steel, stainless steel, cast iron and aluminum.

The machine also comes with a MIG and TIG torch to get you started. However, the stick electrode holder and spool gun are sold separately.

Dual gas valves: Each welding process has a separate valve that is used to regulate the amount of gas that is being released from the tank. The dual valves offer an easy setup while allowing the operator to switch from one welding process to another with ease. A combination of this with and it relative portability makes it one of the most popular welders for repair works, joining aircraft parts and general fabrication of sheet metal.

Excellent power output: This multi process delivers up to 250 Amp DC power output rendering it ideal for heavy-duty use and industrial applications. Additionally with this unit, you get a duty cycle of 20% at 250A, which is decent enough to give you stable arc and deep weld penetration. However, DC output limits you limits in terms of materials you can weld, but it is great for welding thicker metals.


  • Professional grade performance
  • Rugged construction
  • It includes decent length cables , one of the reason it is one of the best Klutch welders
  • Convenient carry handles
  • Simple operation , but it is quite powerful


  • It is bulky, so portability suffers
  • 230V supply needed also affects portability
  • Pretty expensive, but you get what you pay for


Klutch MIG-MP251SiLCD is a perfect multi process welder for professionals and businesses that are after something that will offer incredible value for money. It offers ample control over the arc and it considered a great addition to any workshop for both professionals and DIYers.

4. Klutch ST201iDV- Best for beginners

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Klutch ST201iDV is an affordable and versatile welder that is generally considered to be the best Stick/DC TIG welder for starters. We liked ST201iDV dual voltage more than any other feature. This feature gives you the advantage of running the machine on both voltages without having to purchase a separate welder.

The machine is also incredibly easy to setup and use on a wide range of applications. It is ideal for automotive use, DIY use around the house, light repairs and general maintenance. However, it is not the best pick for industrial or heavy-duty use.

Notable features

Lightweight inverter technology: Despite not supporting all the main welding process, this welder is designed with lightweight inverter technology which is perfect for portable welding. It is much smaller than Klutch MIG-MP251SiLCD which makes carrying and storing your welder much easier than before.

Also, since an inverter welder consumes less power, you’ll need less power to function, which will save on your power bill. Additionally, the technology allows you to use the same machine for various types of welding without getting separate components for each welding process.

PFC (Power Factor Correction): Apart from inverter construction, this machine features the power factor correction (PFC) technology to enhance performance. Machines with this technology are designed to reduce power consumption by maintaining a good power factor.

High frequency start: Many hobbyists and professionals who use the Klutch ST201iDVregularly agree that it offers easier operation. The welder uses high frequency ignition for easier arc starts that are free from contaminants for ultra-pure weld seam quality. Touchless ignition also allows you to position the welding torch at the desired point, and it also result in less wear on the electrode.

Simple controls: Even though this unit only feature Stick and DC TIG components, it is great for welding stainless steel, mild steel, cast iron, and a range of hard surfacing materials. The interface is user-friendly to allow for easy setup and modifications. The only major drawback is that it is not designed for MIG welding, but it is a great TIG and stick welder.


  • Dual purpose welder
  • The machine is budget-priced
  • It is lightweight and compact which means great portability
  • Professional design
  • Easy setup


  • TIG kit is acquired separately
  • Best used on smaller tasks


Klutch ST201iDV is a great portable Arc/ DC TIG welder by Northern tool. Its portability makes one of the best in the market. And because of its versatility and budget-friendly price, it is a great welder for beginners or welders looking for something portable for quick welding jobs.


Considering the reviews above, it is almost obvious that Klutch MIG Welder MP140Si is the best Klutch welder on the market.

Whether you’re a professional or hobbyist, it is the best machine and it is reasonably priced for a brand you can trust in the industry. Besides, having all major types of welding in one unit is just impressive, and there is no doubt why it took our #1 spot.

However, if you’re after a budget unit that will get the job done, we’d recommend Klutch MIG 140i. It is equipped with features that suit the beginner welder, and its portability makes it a great addition to your tools arsenal.

On the other hand, Klutch MIG MP251SiLCD is a serious unit, for serious welders. It features a professional-grade construction for professionals and serious hobbyists in search of a permanent solution, and great value for money.

Finally, Klutch ST201iDV is what we recommend for startups or students looking to get into welding. It is inexpensive to fit a beginner welder’s budget, and it is incredibly lightweight.

At the end of the day, these four Klutch welders are worth trying if you want to take your welding skills to the next level. No doubt about it.

Happy welding!

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