Lincoln 256 vs Miller 252-Which is Worth Your Money?

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Nowadays, welders are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a welding machine.

It is almost impossible to list all welding brands available today. From Lincoln Electric to Miller Electric, Hobart, Everlast welders, to new entrants such as like Kemppi or Fronius International. The list is endless.

We have previously been comparing some of the most prominent welders the recent one being Miller 215 vs. Lincoln 210.

Today we take on Miller 252 vs. Lincoln 256.

Well, Lincoln 256 and Miller 252 are two of the best welder brands that will serve you well. We will compare the two in this in-depth comparison.

Specifications Lincoln 256 Miller 252
Input Voltage208/230 V208/220/230/240 V
Rated Output250Amps at 26V,40% duty cycle250 Amps at 26.5 V, 40% duty cycle
200 Amps at 24 V, 60% duty cycle
Output Range30 A- 300A30 A – 300 A
Welding ProcessesFlux Cored (FCAW)MIG (GMAW)Flux Cored (FCAW)MIG (GMAW)

Lincoln Power MIG 256 Review

Regardless of how robust a welder is, you can’t reap it full benefits if it is not a reliable machine. Lincoln Electric offers dependable machinery, and the Power MIG 256 is no exception.


The welder is ideal for low-cost applications, and it can handle most projects around the home. However, it is not quite an industrial grade machine, but it serves its purpose. The welder is designed to perform MIG and flux-cored welding, and it is best for light fabrication applications including;

  • Maintenance and repair jobs
  • Farm work
  • Auto body repairs
  • General metal fabrication
  • Light industrial applications

Features of Lincoln Power MIG 256

  • Diamond Core Technology

One feature that we really liked about Power MIG 256 is its patented innovative choke design. The welder uses Lincoln’s Diamond Core technology to filter the welding arc, which provides a more stable arc. Other benefits of this technology include;

  • Great starts
  • Low spatter
  • Excellent out-of-position arc start
  • It is great for weaving techniques
  • Easy-to-read digital meters

Another great feature is the easy-to-read display. The display provides you with both preset voltage settings, and the actual voltage during welding. It also displays the preset wire feed speed for easy set up. This will make it easy for you to work with different materials while allowing you to improve your productivity, and eliminate guess work.

  • Multi-process operation

The Power MIG 256 is a great fit for MIG and flux-cored welding applications. It delivers excellent performance on a range of materials, including aluminum, steel and stainless steel. However, you’ll need to get the spool gun and shielding gas separately. Unfortunately, you can perform stick welds with this machine since it does not accommodate stick welding.

  • 115V auxiliary receptacle

With the 115V auxiliary receptacle (208/230V), Power MIG 256 allows you to power other auxiliary equipment that you need to use in your work area. The machine also includes a Magnum PRO 250L gun for convenient wire speed control. It also comes with a 15 ft. cable that makes it easy to move around your work area. Other accessories include;

  • Copper Plus contact tips to help with heat dissipation
  • Gas regulator
  • Hose kit
  • Work clamp
  • Top-mounted gun expendables tray
  • Cable management system (coil claw)

What do we like about Lincoln Power MIG 256?

  • It includes wheels for portability
  • Great digital display
  • A 3-year warranty that guarantees immediate replacement with original Lincoln parts
  • It includes lots of accessories
  • It assures great value for money
  • Low cost operation

What don’t we like about Lincoln Power MIG 256?

  • It is not heavy duty
  • You can do stick welding with this machine
  • The unit is still not easy to move around, even with the wheels

An Overview of Miller 252 MIG Welder

Miller 252 is another dedicated MIG/ flux core welding machine that is designed to welds metals up to 1/2 inches in just a single pass. It offers up to 300A output amperage, making it ideal for industrial and longer jobs.

The most outstanding feature of this welder is its high power output that lets you take on demanding and high-end applications.

Another cool feature about Miller 252 is its higher duty cycle that allows you to improve output and capacity/productivity.

What is Miller 252 best for?

  • Farm work
  • Metal art
  • Welding training
  • Manufacturing and industrial applications
  • DIY
  • Home hobbyist

Features of Miller 252

  • Digital front panel

This machine is equipped with a big, digital front panel, which makes it easy to operate even for novice users. You can use the panel to access preset voltage as well as wire feed speed at the touch of a button. The panel also offer menu for inbuilt timers to allow you to adjust, and select various power settings, especially when performing spot welds.

  • Automated operation

The machine’s auto gun detect makes it easy for the operator to switch between the MIG gun, pull/push gun, and spool gun. This offers the advantage of accuracy, and speed and it can be customized to suit different projects. Additionally, the gun automatically detects the voltage and wire feed speed eliminating the need for keying in the settings manually.

  • Cast aluminum drive system

Millermatic 252 features a cast aluminum drive system for easy setup and consistent wire feeding. The system also provides a tool-free, quick change as well as a user-friendly tension knob.  This design helps to improve the user experience and save a lot of time in the long run.

Along with this, the EZ-change allows you roll the cylinders on and off without having to lift the cylinder when changing them.

Ease of use

With the convenient flip-down compartment, this machine allows you set the weld parameters correctly using the parameter chart provided.

Another notable feature is the 15-ft M-25 gun that enables the operator to move freely without the need to adjust the position of your equipment. The longer gun is also helpful when working on longer pieces of metal. 

What do we like about Miller 252?

  • It is ideal for thick materials
  • 2-in-1 MIG/flux core welder
  • It is amongst the most powerful and versatile machines available today
  • High duty-cycle
  • Long cable

What don’t we like about Miller 252?

  • It is bulky, so it is not easy to move around- best for fixed projects/shop environment
  • The machine is costly but worth it
  • Also, shielding gas for GMAW is not included


Both Lincoln 256 and Miller 252 offer a reliable performance, but we felt that Miller 252 is slightly better in terms of value for money.

Miller 252 has a higher output than Lincoln 256, making it an excellent choice for those who make a living from welding. It is designed to handle heavier workloads, and it can withstand even the most demanding environments.

It is also the number one choice if your work regularly on larger materials, or if you need a machine for a busy shop.

On the other hand, Lincoln 256 is more user-friendly compared to Miller 252. It is the go-to machine for DIY and lightweight industrial welding. It is not quite a big machine, but it does a pretty decent job. This also means that it easy to move between locations. So, whether you need a machine to aluminum or steel, Lincoln 256 is up to the task.

We hope you find this comparison of and Miller 252 and Lincoln 256 helpful. Please let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

Happy welding!

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