Lincoln Precision TIG 225 Review- Is it Your Right Choice?

It is an undeniable fact that TIG welding is the hardest to learn of all three main welding processes. The operator needs to take great care to maintain a short arc length, and this might take time to master. That said, both experienced and beginner welders are in the race, looking for a perfect TIG welder to grow their trade.

In the welding world, some names such as Lincoln electric can’t go unmentioned. In this post, we will be reviewing Precision TIG 225 TIG welder, a versatile welder built with the philosophy of “precision”.

We will present an in-depth analysis of its features, pros and cons, how reliable it is. The welder is from one of the most reputable and trustworthy brands but is it really worth it?

Let’s see!


Input voltage: 208/230V

Welding processes: TIG/ Stick

Polarity: AC/DC

Output range/ amperage: 5-230Amps

Rated Output: 130A/40%, 110A/60%

Net Weight: 192 lbs. (87.091 kg)

Lincoln Precision TIG 225 Review

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Simple to use interface

This Lincoln welder is easy to use, and its interface makes the operator look like an expert, even if they are not. All you need is to select the mode, polarity and you’re ready to weld. Additionally, the simplified controls make getting started a breeze, especially if you’re a newbie to TIG. And it is not only for the occasional DIYer; it is designed to handle professional tasks, including auto shop work and general fabrication shops.

Micro-start technology

Lincoln electric 225 precision welder is built with micro-start technology that allows for optimal arc starting and arc stability. This allows you to produce more accurate welds and very stable output. Furthermore, this technology allows you to start the arc even at very low amperage without relying on the inverter technology, as is the case with conventional machines.

This also implies that you don’t have to get expensive conventional machines to achieve inverter-based performance. What’s more, the Micro-start technology makes it easy for you to overcome most if not all TIG welding problems while allowing the operator of any skill level to achieve quality starts and welds.

AC Auto Balance feature

Precision 225 TIG welder is fitted with an AC balance feature for welding aluminum. This feature also allows you to adjust the arc to suit different applications needs. The welder will adjust automatically when welding aluminum, and the good thing is you can tailor the arc for the application at hand.

Built-in TIG pulser

With the built-in TIG pulser, you can control heat input in your welds, which helps minimize the material’s distortion and warpage. This is especially helpful when welding thin sections of non-ferrous materials such as magnesium, aluminum, copper alloys, and more. It is also useful when welding different materials of the same thickness, such as joining stainless steel to copper or mild steel.

This function also helps to control filler metal deposition leading to consistent bead formation. Uncontrolled heat output is the root cause of most problems associated with TIG welding, including porosity, undercutting, tungsten inclusions as well as the reduced lifespan of the welding gun.

Great stick welding capabilities

Other than TIG welding, this welder offers exceptional stick welding capabilities, and it comes with the stick welder attachment. It supports up to 5/32 in. electrodes, so if you’re looking to venture into stick welding too, this is the machine to go for.

What’s included with the welder

  • TIG parts
  • Torch hanger
  • NEMA 6-50R plug
  • Removable lift eye
  • 9 ft. input power cord
  • 10 ft. work cable
  • TIG procedure guide and handbook

Pros and Cons


  • It is easy to set up and run
  • The arc is also easy to start
  • It is perfect for all TIG applications as well as stick welding
  • Impressive duty cycle
  • Great arc control
  • Extremely versatile-it offers both AC and DC output
  • Deep weld penetration


  • It is a bit expensive; especially it is something you don’t intend to use often
  • It is bulky; you might need a cart to carry it around
  • It does not plug in a standard 110V current. This may not be a con per se, but it is something you need to keep in mind when buying this welder.

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Our final verdict

A TIG welder is used for welding aluminum, magnesium, steel, and Lincoln electric precision TIG 225 has you covered. It is ideal for marine application, construction, automotive, shipbuilding, repair welding, and general maintenance. What’s more, it is sturdy enough to take on a wide range of tasks in an average shop as well as for vocational training. Besides, if you’re starting off in stick welding or just giving it a try, we recommend you give this fantastic welder a try.

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