Miller Bobcat vs. Lincoln Ranger—Which is Best for Welders?

Welding machines have been a part of life our lives for many years. Improvement in modern technology has paved a way for machines that are not only more portable but also high-powered than ever before.

Engine-driven welders have been in use for the longest time now. These welders use a gasoline/diesel/propane-driven engine to generate power for your welding needs.

Engine-driven welders come in handy when electric power is out of reach, especially when welding outdoors. However, you can also use them indoors to perform everything from minor repair tasks to major applications around the home.

The power generated by the engine is also used to run other electric devices used on the job site. What’s more, they act as a backup generator during power blackouts.

With so many engine-driven welders available on the market, it can get overwhelming when choosing the right machine for the job. Some are compact and portable, which makes them ideal for home use, while others can be extremely powerful, so you can put them to some serious use. Nonetheless, there is no single machine that is ideal for all welding applications.

Today we will be comparing Lincoln Ranger vs. Miller Bobcat to help you pick the best match for the task at hand. We’ve reviewed crucial information about both welders to give you an overview of how they work so you can select the equipment that suits you best.

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SpecificationMiller Bobcat 250Lincoln Ranger 250
Amperage range40 to 250 Amps50 to 250 Amps
Power sourceGasoline-poweredGasoline-powered
Rated power9500W continuous auxiliary power
11,000W peak auxiliary power
10,000W continuous auxiliary power
11,000W peak auxiliary power
Start typeElectricElectric
Welding applicationsStick, Flux-coreStick, MIG, Flux-cored, AC TIG

Miller Bobcat 250 Review

Miller Electric is one of the most trusted brands in the welding equipment industry. The Miller Bobcat is a rugged engine-driven welder that is not only reliable but also powerful. It utilizes both AC and DC welding output mode to produce high-quality welds with reduced spatter. In addition, it can be used in all weather conditions and is suitable for light-to-medium applications around the home and light industrial welding work.

Notable features

Compact, lightweight design

The Miller Bobcat takes up less space in your garage/ truck, which frees up more room for other tools and supplies. The compact design also makes it easy to move the equipment from one job site to another, even when fully assembled. And despite the small design, this model is fitted with a large 12-gallon fuel tank, which can run for up to 12 hours non-stop.

Stick/Flux-core we

The Bobcat 250 welder is ideal for both stick and flux-cored welding applications. It is a perfect choice for general maintenance around the home, activities on the farm/ranch, and welding tasks on construction sites. It has a rated output of 40-250A at 25V, 100% duty cycle, which is sufficient power for most jobs around the home and farm use.

Simple maintenance

This Bobcat welder offers an intuitive design that makes daily maintenance quick and straightforward. Additionally, the front panel display will let you know when you need to service your welder, making it one of the top-rated models out there. You can use the panel to check the oil level tool-free— refilling can be done every few months or when necessary.

Quieter performance

As with any other welding machine, the noise levels of an engine-driven welder can get irritating, especially when running all day. However, this is not the case with the Bobcat 250. It is designed to create a quieter working environment by reducing the noise level significantly. Besides, this provides a safer operation as you remain more alert of potential hazards.


  • It is fuel-efficient
  • Quick electric start
  • Highly portable
  • It is easy to maintain
  • Big fuel tank
  • It is perfect for a hobbyist welder


  • It does not include basic welding accessories—you’ll need to buy most accessories separately
  • Limited power when compared to Lincoln Ranger

Lincoln Ranger 250 Review

Lincoln Electric is also a brand to reckon with when it comes to welding equipment and various welding consumables. Lincoln’s Ranger series is one of the most popular engine-driven welders in the market, and Ranger 250 is no exception. It starts easily, even in cold weather, and it is the best choice for fieldwork. It is also a good choice for indoor projects, but you will require large spaces and proper ventilation.

Lincoln Ranger 250 Top Features

Compact case design

The Lincoln Ranger is enclosed in a compact but sturdy case that ensures that the engine and other components are fully protected. Despite its small size, it delivers a welding output range of 50 to 250 Amps for high-quality welds.

The welder is equipped with a 12-gallon fuel tank for extended run times without interruptions. It also features a powerful 23 HP Kohler gas engine that is made for high-capacity needs.

Acts as an AC generator

As we mentioned earlier, an engine-driven welder can be used as emergency power during a power outage. With 11,000W peak auxiliary power, the Ranger 250 provides enough power to not only run the welder, but also other tools you need in the workplace. These include grinders, lighting, and some high amperage equipment. Additionally, you can use your welder to provide temporary power during a total power outage.

AC/DC Welding

Lincoln Ranger 250 provides a versatile AC/DC welding output, making it a handy machine to have around. It works great with a wide range of stick electrodes, and it is also a perfect choice for AC TIG, MIG, and Flux-cored welding applications (equipment is sold separately)

You can use AC for general welding applications as well as for aluminum TIG welds. On the other hand, you can choose DC+ for deep arc penetration when working on thick sheet metal, and DC- for thin sheet metals. In addition, the fine adjustment control lets you fine-tune the welding output to match each application.

Remarkably durable

Other than being powerful, the Ranger 250 is also exceptionally durable. The welder is designed for harsh working environments, so it is built to be as tough as possible. Typically, it is made to be strong enough to withstand tough weather conditions and plenty much anything that comes its way, while also being portable to make it easy to transport.


  • You can use Ranger 250 as a backup generator
  • Lightweight design
  • It is also durably made
  • Multi-purpose
  • It has a high welding output than Miller Bobcat
  • Extended engine life
  • The extra power translates to an extra performance


  • Not ideal for hobby welding needs

Miller Bobcat vs. Lincoln Ranger—Which is best for you?

We now believe that we’ve given you adequate information to help you figure out which equipment is suitable for you. Miller Bobcat and Lincoln Ranger are direct competitors. This means that it can get overwhelming to make a choice between them.

Here is a recap

Choose Miller Bobcat if you need;

  • A welder that is lightweight and easy-to-use
  • Something to help you build your welding skills
  • A simple welder for day-to-day projects around the home and light industrial applications
  • Something easy to maintain

On the other hand, Lincoln Ranger is the ideal welder if you’re looking for;

  • A versatile welder for all welding applications(Stick, MIG, Flux-cored, TIG)
  • More power
  • Something rugged and durable
  • More control over the welding output

The ultimate choice between Miller Bobcat and Lincoln Ranger will be dependent on the features you desire, the intended use, and your budget restrictions.

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