Nail Gun Maintenance: A Guide Every Nail Gun Owner Must Read

A nail gun is a must-have tool for any contractor or DIYer, but just like any other tool, it requires to be serviced regularly to keep it in shape and running for the longest time possible.

You may feel like it’s a waste of time but rest assured that the maintenance is all worth it and in the long run,it saves you more time and money that you would need to fix a faulty nail gun.

Maintenance level vary depending on whether it is an electric model which will require very minimal maintenance or whether it a pneumatic nail gun which more advanced maintenance.

The recommended maintenance practices include;

  • Apply Appropriate Air Tool Oil: Always apply appropriate air tool oil to all the moving parts of the gun so as to make sure that they are well lubricated for a smooth session. Consider doing this several times especially if the sessions will run throughout the day.
  • Inspect and Tighten All Screws and Bolts on a Regular Basis: Loose bolts and screw are very dangerous as they can make you lose the control of the tool which can results into accidents. The vibrations that come with the equipment and the general usages tend to make the screws loose. That’s is why it is recommended that you tighten your bolts and screws at least once per month or when you notice they have become loose even during operation. You should also check them after you purchase the nail gun as they may become loose while during shipping.
  • Clean the Feed System on a Daily Basis: For the pneumatic nail gun, you need to clean the feed system on a daily basis. The purpose for this is to get rid of any debris that may have entered the system. To do this you can use an air compressor to blow the debris out of the system. Also, you can use a rag to wipe the system but be careful not to leave the rag fabric as they will interfere with the system. Avoid using oil to clean the system as it attracts dirt meaning you will not have solved anything.
  • Inspect the Air Hose: The air hose is an important component in as far as the nail gun operation is concerned. The condition of the hose will affect the quality and amount pressure exerted. As such, always check the air hose for any damage and do the necessary repairs or replacement for a smooth operation.
  • Inspect all Seals: The seals need to be checked and it is required that you replace them after some time as they tend to be less effective when you use them for a long time.
  • Lubricate the Air Fitting: Inside the Air Fitting is several O-rings which just like other moving parts, they need regular lubrication every day. You can just use your fingers to apply the oil but make sure that the air supply/power supply is turned off while doing this.
  • Inspect the Battery: For the cordless nail gun, you will need to check the battery regularly for expiration dates and the charge level.  This is important as you will know when to recharge or replace the battery especially when you observe that the nail gun is not holding the charge as expected.

The Bottom Line

A nail gun makes your work easier and good maintenance will make sure that your tool performs optimally for a long period of time. Using a faulty gun will not only waste a lot of time but also it can cause injuries to you and other people around. That said, follow these simple maintenance tips and brace yourself with many years of good service.

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