How to Store Gardening Tools to Make them Last Longer

If you leave your gardening tools lying just anywhere, they will not serve you more than a couple of seasons. While gardening can be relaxing and enjoyable, keeping up with the garden tools can be a hassle. The larger tools can get in the way and create a mess, while your small hand-held tools can easily get misplaced. 

Fortunately, you can make the best of the available space and common household items to make convenient storage for your garden tools. All gardening tools need to be stored in a cool, dry place. Moisture is mainly going to make your tools rust and rot while excessive heat and sun can make wooden handles to warp and crack. The outdoor power equipment should also not be exposed to rain or sun as it is also quite sensitive.

How to store gardening tools and supplies

i. Garage Storage

Garage space stores more than just cars, and it is one of the best ways to ensure that your gardening tools are safe and secure. You can utilize your garage space in clever ways to ensure that the tools are out of the way while ensuring that they don’t cause a tripping hazard or get damaged.

It is always a good idea to keep the gardening tools off the ground, meaning you need to utilize the wall space to the maximum. A majority of long-handled gardening tools will have an opening at the end of the handle, and you can take advantage of this to slip them over a nail in a stud.

You can also get some brackets and clips attached to wall-mounted tracks designed to keep the tools secured tightly against a wall. Such tools hangers can accommodate multiple tools. In addition, you can also hang baskets such as an old bike basket on the same track to store small tools such as pruning shears, seed packets, and other small tools that may be laying otherwise.

If you don’t have a lot of hanging space, consider having a large trash can or any other container in one corner of your garage. The bin can be used to store the rake, shovel, and other large tools that you want to keep out of your way. Also, you might want to choose one corner to organize the long-handled tools, and you can use a PVC pipe to get everything into place.

ii. Shed Storage

Building a backyard shed is an excellent method of storing almost all gardening tools in one place. Storing too many items in your garage can clump the garage, or they can get bumped and fall onto your car. Stowing them in a shed will ensure that the tools are out of the way but still safe and easily accessible. Once you have your shed, you can use the same hanging method as those used in a garage to keep your tools off the ground. Consider placing the shed on a raised area or a place that won’t get flooded.

iii. Tool Rack

Getting a tool rack is excellent for both indoor and outdoor tools storage, and it is easy to make with just a couple of brackets and a piece of wood. You can hang the large tools using hooks to help free floor space or when you don’t have a lot of storage space.

Other than this, you can mount a pegboard onto the wall and use the pegs to keep everything neat, secured, and organized. This is a popular storage method since it is easy to reorganize the tools the way you want by moving your pegs around.

iv. Potting table or bench

Your potting table can double up as storage for your extra pots and things like soil and compost. Placing flower pots all over is going to make your garden feel cluttered, and you also run the risk of running over them. You can also try to stack the pots and place them in a plastic box or in one corner if you don’t have enough space to store them.

v. Hosepipe storage

When it comes to hosepipe or any other pipe, you’ll need to come up with creative ways of storing these critical tools so that they do not end up underfoot or tangled and, most importantly to protect them from the sun. One way is to hang them on plastic hooks, and you can use the same hooks to hang just about anything. The hooks are typically strong, and they come in different sizes.

You can also wrap your spiral hoses around the handle of a shovel or rake, and this way, your rake or shovel does double duty. The rake can also serve as a great hand tool holder when held upside down against the wall to hang garden gloves, trowels, and other small devices.

vi. Use an old pallet to make garden Tools Holder

It is also essential to have offsite storage for supplies or tools that you don’t frequently use, including extra ladders, chainsaw, rolls of fencing, among others. For such items, it would be a good idea to keep them out of the way until you next need them. You can repurpose old pallets by building a storage table for holding the tools. If you prefer to have your tools trimmed in one position, you can opt to make a vertical pallet tools holder by just using nails, bolts and nuts, and a hand drill.

vii. Tool Bucket

Although this is not a permanent storage method, a tool bucket comes in handy when you are out in the garden. You can load it with small gardening tools and carry them easily from one place to another. The best part is you can protect your tools with the lid if it starts to rain.

Also, if you have a lot of these small tools, they can be easily scattered, and keeping them sorted can sometimes be hard. You can fill a clay pot with sand to help keep the tools upright so that you can easily find them when needed and also help to keep the blades sharp.

A wheeled cart can also be repurposed into a mobile garden center to help keep all your supplies together, especially if you are doing a lot of planting. The cart is also a great option if you need to move heavy supplies such as garden soil along with your tool bucket.

viii. Repurpose your old Furniture into Storage Cabinets

Any old piece of furniture with drawers or shelves can be turned into storage for your gardening tools, and it doesn’t have to cost you much. The drawers can be used to store the small tools, or you can remove the drawers to create cubbies for the larger tools.

Old bookshelves can also provide a convenient way of storing your tools without having to build anything. The good thing is you can move them outside to free up space in your garage. Your old computer desks can provide you with a combination of cabinets and shelves for storing the tools and a work surface as well.

ix. Storage bench

A storage bench can be used as a safe place to store your gardening tools, and on top of that, it serves as a convenient workspace and an extra outdoor seat. It is particularly helpful if you don’t have space and resources for a shed. It an easy woodworking project because the whole structure is held together with decking screws. Other than the bench, you can repurpose your old mailbox to make a superb tool shed.

Parting shot

It can be so frustrating to frantically search for tools when you want to get into action. Thus it is crucial to organize your tools and supplies before the busy gardening season begins. It would be best also if you have a designated storage space for your garden tools so that they don’t get mixed in the clutter. Also, place your tools in a place that you can access them easily when needed and where you are likely to put them away when you are done.

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