What Type of Work Can a Pancake Air Compressor Do?

Pancake air compressors are known for their portability, and they are particularly useful to the average homeowners who need something lightweight that they can move from one job site to the other. They are also known for their energy and fuel efficiency, and they provide enough air to run most common pneumatic tools used by construction workers, carpenters, and roofers.

A pancake air compressor has a multitude of uses at home as well in small business settings, and they get the job done fast and safely. Having this compressor at home will make any maintenance task easy to do by yourself as well as allowing you to express yourself with hobbies or professional artistry.

Uses of a Pancake Air Compressor


Pancake compressors are best for all type of inflation jobs from inflating bike tires to blowing up balloons. Car owners ought to have portable and compact air compressors in their vehicles just in case of emergencies and to save you effort and time. You should, however, pay close attention to avoid over inflating and also always wear safety goggles to prevent blowing something into your eyes.

DIY auto repairs

If you are a car owner, you don’t have to accrue large mechanical bills for simple DIY auto repairs. Small repairs tasks such as a tune-up, changing out a filter, or changing the PCV valve are manageable provided that you have received some instructions. However, it can prove challenging to perform some tasks such as removing bolts in tight spaces, especially if you are using a regular ratchet. However, investing in an air ratchet and a portable air compressor will make most of your auto repairs such as getting the bolts off doable by just anyone in seconds.

Painting with an airbrush

Pancake compressors are great for powering airbrushes for both small precision jobs and painting large surfaces such as bikes or recreational vehicles. This is probably one of the most creative ways of using an air compressor, especially if you can find an artist who can customize your car, motorbike or even a scooter. This kind of job requires you to use a smaller size and portable air compressor.

Using a blowgun to clean up surfaces and machinery

A lot of people use a basic leaf blower to help with clean-up after working in a garage, clearing clippings from the drive away, or after weed-whacking. The leaf blower is still useful, but you can upgrade to an air compressor to help you clean the dust off work surfaces or out of various machinery. All you need to do is to grab your blowgun to rid your workplace off of any mess in a targeted fashion.

The advantage of using a pancake compressor is that the pressure isn’t as high as that of a pressure washer which would potentially damage the surface or machine being cleaned. You should, however, be careful not to blow the dirt into your eyes and nose.

Using pneumatic nail guns

Most nail guns don’t require a continuous supply of air, and typically they require short bursts of compressed air to shot nails. And since you’ll need to carry the nail gun from job site to another, you’ll need something that offers portability and ease of use. Thus, all you need is a portable pancake compressor with at least 1 to 6-gallon capacity and 2 CFM rating.

Specifications will vary depending on the type of nail gun, and it uses as highlighted below;

  • Pin nailer requires 2.0 CFM, 1-gallon tank capacity
  • Brad nailer requires 2.0 CFM, 2-gallon tank capacity
  • Finish nailer requires 2.0 CFM, 2 – 3-gallon tank capacity

Others like framing and sheathing nailers are more power-hungry and require up to 4 CFM. Thus, you may need an air compressor with a large tank capacity such as a hotdog or a twin stack air compressor to ensure uninterrupted performance.

Sandblasting in a carpenters or machine shop

Sandblasters are used to prepare various surfaces for treatment, as well as removing dust and rust from metal and wood alike. However, in their absence, air sanders are used to provide continuous compressed air to treat your surfaces with care over an extended period. Pancake compressors provide low but steady air outputs needed, and without overheating as is the case with mechanical and electrical sanders.

Using hammers and pneumatic drills construction sites

If you work in the construction industry, you may want to consider investing in a pancake air compressor. This portable compressor allows you to bring your tool with you as you travel from one job site to the other. And using your pancake compressor, you’ll be able to hammer nails, use your pneumatic drills, and insert screws, among other important jobs with great efficiency.

Now that you are well informed on pancake compressor would advise you to invest in one that would power your pneumatic tools and serve you for years to come. The most important thing is to determine where you will be using the machine and how much CFM you need to give your work the aesthetical appeal and professional finish it needs.

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