Miller Bobcat vs. Lincoln Ranger—Which is Best for Welders?

Miller Bobcat vs Lincoln Ranger

Welding machines have been a part of life our lives for many years. Improvement in modern technology has paved a way for machines that are not only more portable but also high-powered than ever before. Engine-driven welders have been in use for the longest time now. These welders use a gasoline/diesel/propane-driven engine to generate power … Read more

Proper Guideline on Gas Settings for MIG Welding

Gas Settings for MIG Welding

For most welders, especially beginners, it is often challenging to set the right parameters on their MIG welder. You’re probably in the same predicament, so we’ll explain the basics of shielding gas settings and how they can be adjusted for optimal performance. Aside from selecting good MIG equipment, ensuring proper MIG gas settings is crucial … Read more

Welder Frequently Asked Questions

Welder Frequently Asked Questions

Welding can be a rewarding career as long as you can handle long working hours and extreme working conditions. A good number of welders, especially beginners enjoy welding and everything it pertains. Ideally, there is hardly any sector that does not require some form of welding. However, the trade can be quite challenging especially when … Read more

Welding Lead Storage Ideas in the Workshop

welding lead storage ideas

What’s the proper way to store welding leads? Ideally, welding leads are conductors that carry electrical current used in welding. Improper handling and storage of welding leads can adversely affect their performance, and worse still, they can even cause accidents. Besides, if you leave your cables lying around and unattended, dust and other contaminants are … Read more