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Portable Generators as Compared to Standby Generators

You may want to consider an alternative source of power if power outages frequent the area where you live. A backup power generator will power your lights, refrigerators and other appliances allowing you to swing back into action until your power is restored.Generally, generators come in two primary forms, a standby generator also known as […]

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What is Welding Defects – Types, Causes and Remedies?

Welding defect can be defined as any deviation in size and shape of the given metal structure in regards to technical and design requirements. The deviation can be caused by process limitation in terms of wrong welding process/technique or due to certain human behavior.Welding defects can occur at any stage of the welding process and […]

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Preventing Eye Injuries When Welding – Save Your Eyes

Eye injuries are the most common type of injuries reported by most ​​welders and they account for about 25% of all welding injuries. Although most of these injuries can be reversed, some are far more serious and can lead to irreversible visual impairment.Fortunately, eye injuries can be prevented and controlled by selecting and using proper […]

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