10 Mistakes you Should Avoid while Choosing a Mower

Lawn mowers are definitely a must-have gardening tool, and they make the hardest task of maintaining a lawn much easier. However, buying a lawn mower isn’t an easy task as they are a great deal to think about, and you want to ensure the mower you choose is going to fit your needs. Besides, there are many options and designs available, making selection difficult, especially for first-timers. To help you make an informed decision, we have come up with 10 mistakes to avoid while choosing a mower to save you money and frustrations.

Mistake 1: Getting the wrong Size

Choosing the right size lawn mower is very important, and this is going to be determined by the size of your lawn. You don’t want a large width ride on mower if your yard is just a small pitch, and at the same time, you don’t want to be pushing a small width mower if your lawn is considerably large.

Larger lawnmowers will enable you to work more quickly, but if they are manually operated, they will be hard to propel. When choosing the correct size lawn mower, think about the size of your lawn and how fast you want the job done. If necessary, measure your yard to get the correct measurements.

Generally, smaller lawns should have anywhere between 28-35cm cutting width, whereas 35-40cm is perfect for medium to large gardens. Ride-on mowers can have up to 100cm cutting widths, and they are designed to work on vast lawns.

Mistake 2: Not matching the mower to the right application

Other than the size, you’ll need to match the right mower to the correct application. There are different categories of mowers, and each is designed for a particular job. If you to use the wrong mower for the wrong application, you are going to run into issues. As such, it is crucial to match your lawn mower with the job at hand and also with other resources available. Check that the mower is compatible with various attachments such as dump carts, rakes, lawn rollers, and lawn aerators to help increase utility value.

Mistake 3: The cheapest option is not always the best option

Although this seems like common sense, some people may be tempted to buy the most inexpensive machine available. If you choose a lawn mower based on price only, you could be in for a very frustrating mowing experience, and it may not serve you well. Buying quality over price will always pay divided in the long run. Also, high-end mowers have quality features, including top-quality engines, long-lasting decks, and durable wheels. Always double-check the features, quality build, and warranty to ensure that you’re getting value for the money.

Mistake 4: Buying a push Mower for incline lawns

Don’t make the mistake of purchasing a manually propelled mower that is not up to the slopes of your garden. If your yard is somewhat sloppy and has a lot of obstacles, a self-propelled machine could be the best option, with the manual ones being best suited for flat lawns. A self-propelled mower will eliminate a lot of strain and make it easy to navigate through the hilly terrain. When choosing a self-propelled mower, consider the number of drivers fitted, speed of operation, the number of gears, including the reverse gear so that you can choose the one that is right for you. You can also choose zero-turn mowers, which are easy to navigate through obstacles and any hard surface.

Mistake 5: Avoid buying a mower you can’t start

A mower will either a recoil start or electric start. The former requires a basic puff and pull cord to start the engine. Electric mowers, on the other hand, do not require pulling; all you need to do is to turn a key/button to get the mower running. Most people find recoil machines extremely hard to start, and as such, it may be a good idea to look for an electric start machine, especially if you are lacking in physical strength or older.

Mistake 6: Choosing a Lawn mower that is not powerful enough

If your lawn has thick or wet grass, you’ll need a powerful lawn mower to enable you to cut more grass at each pass. Also, you risk damaging your machine if you overburden it. Although you may be tempted to buy a save some money by getting a less powerful engine, remember that having the correct size engine will help get the job done efficiently and quickly. However, you should avoid overshooting your mower’s power because this might cost you more money and more fuel.

Mistake 7: Choosing power source; choose the right one for You

Choosing the right source of power is a fundamental issue, but most people tend to get it wrong. When selecting the power option, consider one that is convenient for you as well as the requirements of your garden.

Electric lawn mowers are the most common due to the convenience and availability of the mains. These mowers are lightweight, clean, and easy to use, and often they are maintenance-free. However, they are designed to be used in small lawns due to the restrictions of the power cable.

Petrol lawn mowers are pretty used anywhere, and they are generally powerful and designed for regular use. They, however, require more maintenance and topping up with unleaded fuel regularly. Cordless lawn mowers often use lithium-ion batteries, and they are also very powerful.

Mistake 8: Buying a Mower without adjustable height

If you are going to use your walk behind the mower for years to come, the worst mistake is getting a mower without adjustable height. This is not only going to make you uncomfortable but also affect your mowing efficiency. You’ll want to ensure that you are comfortable, and you can do this by ensuring that it is easy to set and adjust the right height. If you have a riding mower, the seat should be comfortable and firm enough for you. Ensure to check the height adjusters to ensure they work efficiently and smoothly. In most mowers, a single lever is used to adjust either a pair of wheels or all the wheels at once.

Mistake 9: Failing to follow safety protocol

Regardless of the type of mower you choose, remember it is a powerful piece of equipment, and you should follow precautions every time. Check that the discharge chute is attached to the mower properly to prevent the grass clippings from flying away. Also, you’ll need to understand that a recoil start takes more energy to start and operate, and as such, it may be worth to look for an electric start machine, which is also safer to operate.

Mistake 10: Ignoring the user manual

Most people tend to ignore the user manual on the assumption that all mowers the same. This is not the case, and you’ll need to consult the user manual to determine how individual mower should be operated and how often you need to change the fuel, oil, and filters. Ensure that there are available spare parts before you pay for the lawn mower. Maintaining your mower will return the favor by improving performance, providing a smooth-running, and extending the life of the machine. You can mark reminders on the calendar for crucial mower tune-ups.


There you have it; 10 mistakes you should avoid before you think of investing in a lawn mower. For best results, you’ll need to understand your needs to help you choose a mower with the right configuration and functionality. Also, you should strive to get the most durable option that doesn’t need to be replaced now and then. Taking Proper care of Your Lawn Mower is also very very important to make sure it lasts long. 

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