Best Corded Electric Lawn Mower: Review and Buying Guide

Gone are the days when gas mowers used to be the order of the day. With the introduction of corded electric mower into the industry, mowing has become more comfortable and hassle-free. Corded lawn mowers are powered by an extension cord, which needs to be tethered to a power outlet. This means they have unlimited run time as long as they remain plugged in. So, you’ll always have a constant power supply, and you don’t have to worry about the battery running out.

Typically, the cord is 100 feet long, which means your mobility is limited to the cord length, and because of this, they are best suited for small-medium sized gardens. Nonetheless, they can save you a lot of money not only on upfront cost but also in terms of refueling and ongoing maintenance as compared to gasoline-powered lawn mowers. What’s more, the best corded electric lawn mower runs quietly, requires close to no maintenance, and has a minimal footprint on the environment.

Comparison Table for the Best Corded Electric Lawn Mower

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For many gardeners, a reliable mower is a must-have tool to keep and maintain their lawn in good shape. If you don’t like the hassle of gas lawn mower, corded electric lawn mowers are a perfect choice. Corded mowers are becoming popular by the day, and although they don’t pack the same amount of raw power as gas models, their general performance is more than enough for most homes. However, many gardeners might get confused when choosing a corded mower for their garden. Please read this review until the end to learn some tips for selecting the right corded electric mower.

1. GreenWorks 25022

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Ideal for use on all types of grass, the GreenWorks 25022 is easy to start, and it is designed to handle high-demanding jobs effortlessly. And with its large and sturdy wheels, it can be driven even on the toughest terrains, and it easily adapts to various needs. Besides, you can choose between side discharge, mulching, or bagging grass clipping as needed.

Features and Benefits of GreenWorks 25022

  • 7-position height adjustment: The GreenWorks 25022 has a 7-position single level, which offers a range cutting height from 1-½ inch to 3-¾ inch for a precise cut for all types of grass. This gives you seven different lengths of options for trimming grass according to your needs and requirements. The process is straightforward, and anyone in their right mind should be able to make the adjustments without any hitches.
  • 20-inch cutting deck: The wide 20-inch deck makes this mower stand out, and it is designed to handle high-volume mowing jobs in a breeze. The deck is made from durable steel, which is resistant to rust and stains, and therefore, this machine will last for years. Besides, this mower boasts of a powerful 12-Amp motor, which is more than sufficient to tear through the thickest grass.
  • 3-in-1 capability: With the GreenWorks 25022, you can comfortably choose different ways of handling the grass clipping by switching between bagging, mulching, or side discharging. So, it’s up to you to decide on the best way to use the grass clippings. You can choose to use them as a natural fertilizer for your garden, or you can collect them into a bagger if you prefer to have a clean lawn.
  • Foldable handles for compact storage: Another great feature of this mower is the foldable handles, which allow for quick and easy storage. Also, it is lightweight for smooth movements along slopes and a variety of terrains. And to help with this, the 25025 comes with 10-inch rear and 7-inch front wheels to help you use this mower even on tough terrains hassle-free. 


  • The mower is whisper-quiet, and it is easy to assemble.
  • It is ideal for use on all types of grass, even the toughest ones.
  • Lightweight design to allow for maneuverability during use.
  • It offers a wide range of cutting height.
  • It includes foldable handles for easy storage.


  • It does not include the extension cord, so you need to buy one separately.
  • It is not self-propelled.


The Greenworks 25022 is one of the powerful options on the market, and it offers a user-friendly deal. It is ideal for those small-medium sized gardens, so whether you are a homeowner looking for the best option or a landscaper in search of reliable power tool, this machine will give you best value for money.

2. American Lawn Mower Company 50514

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The American Lawn Mower 50514 is an extremely affordable machine yet very versatile, and it provides a clean and reliable cut all the time. Its 11-Amp motor is designed to provide enough power to enable you to tackle even the toughest mowing jobs. Also, this machine can be customized to accommodate all users using the adjustable handle length.

Features and Benefits of American Lawn Mower Company 50514

  • 2-in-1 mulching and rear discharge system: The American Lawn Mower Company 50514 disposes of grass clippings through either mulching or the rear discharge into a 16-gallon bag. The bag includes a grass level indicator to let you know when the bag is full so that you do not clog up the motor. However, the mower doesn’t offer side discharge, but the provided options are still convenient.
  • Multiple handle height positions: With a choice of 5 cutting heights, the 50514 can be customized to fit all users, and it will take care of tough tasks with no oil or gas emissions. The mower is easy to start with just a push of a button, making it comfortable for all users. It also includes a 14-inch steel deck, which will offer a clean-cut anywhere from 1 to 2 ½ inches. 
  • Compact and slim frame: The compact design of this mower allows for ease of use and secure storage. Also, the handles are ergonomically designed with cushion grips to provide comfort during use. The handles also fold back, and when combined with the compact design, the mower will only take minimal space in your garage or shed.
  • Attention to details: An 11-Amp motor powers up this compact mower, and it is capable of mowing tough grass with the prowess of a gas model. It packs so much punch minus the ecological footprint of a gas mower plus the unit comes pre-assembled since most parts, including the motor and the wheels, are already attached. The 7-inch easy roll wheels are effective in most situations, but they tend to struggle on uneven terrain.


  • t is quite affordable, and it will last for years with proper care.
  • Efficient and user-friendly operation.
  • Powerful motor to enable this mower to tackle the toughest mowing jobs.
  • The blades are made of high-quality alloy steel, and they stay sharp for longer.
  • The extra-large bag translates into few emptying interruptions.


  • It is ideal for small yards.
  • This unit does not include side discharge.


Unless you have a large yard, the American Lawn Mower Company 50514 will serve as an excellent option for all your mowing needs. The motor of this compact mower has gas-like power and will take on all terrains with high precision.

3. GreenWorks 25142

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If you are shopping around for a mower that is convenient to use and easy to store, the GreenWorks 25142 is one of the best corded electric lawn mowers for small yards. As a hobby gardener, you’ll value this machine since it offers the option of mulching the grass, providing your plants with the much needed organic matter and protection layer.

Features and Benefits of GreenWorks 25142

  • Durable 16-Inch cutting deck: The 10-Amp motor powers the durable 16-inch cutting deck to get the job done efficiently and more quickly. The motor delivers sufficient power to cut through thick grass and to make your mowing experience an enjoyable one. Also, it features an easy to push and well-positioned start button for a smooth running.
  • Five-position height adjustments: The GreenWorks 25142 offers multiple cutting heights from 5/8-Inch to 2-5/8-Inch, which is ideal for any type of grass. However, unlike its big brother, the 25025 discussed above, the 25142 offers just five-position height adjustments instead of seven, but it still gives you complete control on how short or tall you want to mow. The highest cut is suited for places with small bushes or obstacles, while medium and low cuts give your lawn a neat cut.
  • 2-in-1 feature: Unlike other GreenWorks 25025, the 25142 does not have all three options for grass clippings. However, it provides mulching and bagging capabilities, which is still sufficient for such a compact model. The bag is, however, small and requires to be emptied frequently. The machine is straightforward to operate, and it is almost fully assembled; you only need to make a little adjustment to get it running.
  • Convenient design: The compact design of the 25142 incorporates 7-inch rear wheels and 6 –inch front wheels to make it easy for you to mow uneven terrains flowerbeds and sidewalks. The large rear wheels help to ensure that the mower won’t get stuck in lightly packed soil, while light weight makes it easy to maneuver. Also, with this design, the mower can access tight spaces and can be stored easily after use. 


  • The cord lock feature is handy when storing the power extension cord.
  • Offers both mulching and discharging option for grass clippings.
  • It is ready to go when you are-no assembly is required.
  • Requires very minimal maintenance making it ideal for even first time users.
  • It is reasonably powerful, and it will get the job done quickly and more efficiently.


  • Plastic parts feel so cheap.
  • The collection bag is small, so you’ll need to empty frequently.


GreenWorks 25142 is a cost-effective solution for those looking for versatility in their lawn mower. It is a standard electric lawn mower for regular mowing, but it is designed to perform on a small-scale.


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The Black + Decker MM2000 is a walk-behind push mower that provides clean and reliable electric power, and it has just what it takes to slice through tall and tough grass in a breeze. The 20-inch mower sports a 13-Amp motor for all your mulching, bagging and side discharging applications. The model is also very simple to assemble since you’ll only need to attach the handle.

Features and Benefits of BLACK+DECKER MM2000

  • EdgeMax technology: The EdgeMax technology, just as the name suggests, gives you the ability to use your mower along edges or fences with precision and ease. This leads to a clean and smooth cut that extends to the edges for a perfectly manicured lawn. Besides, its 20-inch blade offers a wide cutting path, and you can mulch the grass clippings, bag them, or discharge them through the side discharge chute.
  • Simple adjustment and storage: With just a pull of a single lever, you can quickly adjust the height to seven different settings from 1-1/2 inch to 4 inches high. The lever should be moved towards the front or rear of the lawn mower to cut at different height depending on the season. And unlike traditional mowers, you can fold the MM2000 for compact storage, making it ideal for those with limited storage space.
  • Performance and power: Powerful and fast are the two terms that can be used to describe the Black + Decker MM2000. Its 13 Ah motor will make your lawn work less of a chore, enabling you to develop and maintain a neatly manicured lawn without the expenses and hassles of gas or battery-powered models. The MM2000 will slice through the thickest grass efficiently, and even the toughest crabgrass is no match for this mower.
  • Safety features: Other features include the safety shield designed to keep you safe from flying stones and other debris that may shoot backward from the blade. Also, it helps to keep the operator’s leg from coming into contact with the blade. As such, always engage when your mower when the shield is attached to ensure a safe mowing. 


  • The 13 Ah motor provides adequate power for any overgrowth.
  • This unit comes with convenient carrying handles for easy transportation.
  • The body of this mower is sturdy but lightweight, which is especially important when you need to push for an extended period.
  • The nylon grass collection is easy to remove when you need to mulch or clean up the mower.
  • The seven height adjustment levels are easy to switch with just a pull of a simple lever.


  • The MM2000 is a push mower, and this can prove difficult to some users.
  • The flimsy parts could be improved.
  • It is somehow expensive.


The MM2000 is a high-end corded mower, and it has been a long-standing power horse in the market. It sports a powerful motor and a wide deck, providing you with everything you need to take care of your lawn.

5. Sun Joe MJ401E-PRO

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Sun Joe MJ401E-PRO has been engineered to respond to the need for an easy-to-use mower for small to medium-sized yards. This unit delivers the power of its gas counterparts but with the convenience of an electric machine. Additionally, the blades of this machine are made with durable steel to allow you to cut through most lawn grass and weeds, as well as overgrowths or backyards that have not been mowed in years.

Features and Benefits of Sun Joe MJ401E-PRO

  • The durable steel blades cut with precision: The MJ401E-PRO’s long-lasting steel blade offers a wide path and is capable of cutting through tough grass and thick overgrowth. When combined with the powerful 13-amp motor, it’s truly one of the best corded electric lawn mowers you can find for the price tag. Besides, no oil, no gas, or tune-ups are required.
  • Rear 10.6 -gallon collection bag: Sun Joe MJ401E-PRO comes equipped with a rear 10.6 -gallon collection bag that is easy to detach for convenient grass disposal. Also, there is a discharge chute ideal for discharging the clippings without clogging your mower deck. However, this mower does not include a mulcher or a side discharge for the clippings.
  • Adjustable deck: Another feature is the flexible deck, which gives you the option of tailor cutting by setting your blades in either of the three positions height control ranging from 1-1/4 to 2-1/2 inches. The process is manual, and it allows you to trim the lawn with the desired precision and aggressiveness. However, coming at 14 inches wide, the deck is significantly small, making this lawn mower ideal for small gardens and yards.
  • Compact and easy to push through: The compact nature of Sun Joe MJ401E-PRO enables you to maneuver the machine around narrow space without much hassle. It also sports all-terrain wheels, so whether the terrain is rocky or uneven, the MJ401E will keep on mowing. In addition, the machine has a foldable push drive handle, which only proves that the unit is made with versatility and convenience in mind. 


  • Excellent in tight spaces.
  • Solid motor with good torque.
  • Assembling the equipment is fast and straightforward.
  • Compact design with a collapsible handle meaning it doesn’t require much storage space.
  • It is a great budget option.


  • You’ll need to use a grass catcher to avoid clumping.
  • It is rather on the lower end with its 14-inch cutting width.
  • It does not offer a mulching option.


The Sun Joe MJ401E-PRO will not shy away from harsh conditions, and it will do justice to your lawn. However, despite its powerful motor, this may not be the ideal machine if looking to do a lot of heavy work in the near future.

6. WORX WG719

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The WORX WG719 19-Inch corded electric mower is a 3-in-1 machine that mulches, bags, and side discharges thanks to its 13-Amp motor. You’ll get both the mulching plug and a discharge chute, and they are effortless to attach. When you are not using the machine, you can simply fold the handle, allowing the mower to be stored in an upright position, thus using a less storage space in the garage.

Features and Benefits of WORX WG719

  • Caster wheel design: The castle wheels are designed to rotate on an axle and also around where they are attached. This feature provides extra maneuverability in a way that is not possible with traditional models for an easier and more efficient cut. The wheels are mounted on the outside of the deck to provide a wider turning radius making it more manageable. However, this wheel design can be an uphill task in a sloppy garden.
  • Steel cutting deck: The WORX WG719 is equipped with a steel cutting for enhanced durability. The deck also features a special mulching blade with two sharpened sides to delivers premium mulching capabilities. And since mulching is healthy for your lawn, this combination will ensure that the grass clippings are mulched into the smallest pieces possible.
  • Foldable handle and compact stand-up storage: The WG719 is easy to assemble by yourself, and you may not need an expert. When it comes to storage, the handle can be folded, which will help to create more space for other items in your garage or shed. It should be noted that the handle is padded with foam to provide a comfortable grip and to help absorb any vibrations.
  • Several cutting height adjustments for different conditions: Regardless of the type of grass or the condition of your lawn, you can get the desired cut using the seven different cut options provided by the WORX WG719. So, if you haven’t had the time to take care of your garden for a while, this mower will help it get back into shape and get the look you want.


  • It provides excellent mulching using its steel cutting deck.
  • WG719 offers several cutting height adjustments for different conditions.
  • This equipment boasts of durable deck construction.
  • The caster wheels help to increase mobility and improved cut.
  • The powerful motor allows you to complete work faster, and it is capable of handling most types of grass.


  • Hard to maneuver in boxy lawn corners.
  • Numerous plastic parts make it looks flimsy.
  • The castor wheels are a real burden on slopes.


The WORX WG719 boasts of unrivaled maneuverability, and it does a great job of mulching and discharging grass clippings. Its unique design of the wheels provides mobility and agility that you will not find in any other mower out there.

Buying Guide- What to look for in a corded electric lawn mower

A corded electric lawn mower is an all-round machine for an average gardener living in the suburbs with a small-to-medium sized lawn. If you still having issues choosing the best tool for your needs, here are important aspects that may give you an idea of the mower you need.

I.The cutting width

Typically, a lawn mower will have a limit on how much ground it can cover at each pass. This is where the deck size comes into play. The larger the deck, the more ground the mower can cover and vice versa. The biggest mower deck has a blade length of about 20 inches while the smallest cover 14 inches. Although a wider blade can save you money and time, it doesn’t mean this will always benefit you. If you have a small lawn or need to mow in tight spaces, a small blade could be more appropriate.

II. Grass clippings

When it comes to the grass clipping, there are several ways you can handle them. Most traditional lawn mowers only had a discharge chute, which was used to discharge the clippings. However, recent models, particularly corded mowers, offer up to three ways of dealing with the clippings. One of the methods is the one we’ve just mentioned while the others are mulching and bagging. If a machine can offer all three modes, then it is a noteworthy machine. Some mowers, however, only offer two methods, usually a combination of mulching and bagging. 

III. Mower height adjustments

The ability to adjust the cutting height is essential for both landscapers and homeowners. This feature gives you the possibility of cutting grass at the desired length instead of waiting for it to grow longer. It also gives you the ability to handle more types of grass as well. The best corded electric lawn more should offer at least four varied height settings with advanced models having as many as seven options. Some models will have separate levers for each height setting, while some may have a single lever that can adjust all the settings at a go.

IV. Wheel type and size

The type and size of the wheels are going to determine the traction you get and how smoothly your mower goes through the grass. The softer the wheels, the better the traction. Bigger wheels, on the other hand, will ensure that you can go over even and even grounds effortlessly. So, the type and size of the wheels will often affect maneuverability.

V. Motor size

Electric corded lawn mowers use between 10 to 15 amps to run their motors. The amps are a representation of how powerful and fast your mower will be, and more amps translate to more power. Mowers with a large cutting blade will require more powerful motors than those with smaller cutting blades. Also, if you have an overgrowth of you haven’t mowed for some time, then you’ll need a mower with a more powerful motor to get the job done. If you like to trim frequently, on the other hand, a less powerful mower will suit you just fine.

VI. The length of the extension cord

You’ll also need to consider the length of the cord as well. This is because a cord can only power appliances at a certain distance only. As the distance increases, the current-carrying capacity decreases. Choosing a cord isn’t rated for the correct can damage your device or cause injuries. This also puts an impediment on the size of the yard you can mow and how you mow it. Also, you’ll need to ensure the proper gauge size for the power cord to ensure maximum performance and a secure working environment.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Question 1: How does a corded electric lawn mower work?

Answer: A corded electric mower uses an electric cord connected to the electric grid to power the motor within its system to propel the blades that are used to cut grass. The cable is plugged into the power outlet, and it utilizes building’s or home electricity to power up your mower. So, as long as the power runs through the outlet, the mower will never run out of power.

Question 2: What’s better gas or corded electric lawn mower?

Answer: Corded electric mowers are easier to operate, but they don’t have the power of gas mowers. So, if you don’t mind a little maintenance and want extra power and mobility, a gas mower works just well. However, if you have a small yard and you don’t like dealing with engines, going for a corded mower may be the best option for you. To know more about this you may read our guide on choosing Corded or Cordless Electric Lawn Mower.

Question 3: Can you use an Electric Mower on wet grass?

Answer: Most user manuals for electric lawn mowers warn you against using the mower in wet or damp grass. It is never safe to use a mower with an electric cord on wet grass as this may be hazardous to the device and may cause severe personal injuries. Also, your blades need to be razor-sharp to mow a wet lawn, so it is always a good idea to wait until the grass is dry.

Question 4: Can you wash a corded electric lawn mower?

Answer: Corded electric mowers are cleaned using the same procedures used to clean any other lawn mower. However, you’ll need to be careful not to allow water to reach the motor and cause corrosion. Typically, cleaning involves removal or wiping of grass clipping from the blades and the undercarriage. Also, the oiling of movable parts may be done as a standard cleaning procedure.

Question 5: Do corded electric mowers need oil?

Answer: Unlike gas-powered mowers, corded electric mowers do not need oil to function. Gas mowers, on the other hand, require oil for them to run smoothly. While a corded may require occasional lubrication, the oil used is more comfortable and cheaper to find than the one used in gas engines. 

Question 6: How loud is a corded electric lawn mower?

Answer: Typically, corded lawn mowers make less noise than gas-powered lawn mowers. In general, electric mower emits approximately 75 dB, which is slightly louder than a washing machine. A typical gas mower, on the other hand, produces around 95 decibels, which is as loud as a motorcycle.


A corded electric lawn mower is an excellent choice for just anyone looking to maintain their yard and doesn’t mind dragging an electrical cord around. They are also a great choice because they require minimal maintenance, and they do not carry any extra baggage or the hassle of replacing batteries. When purchasing the best corded electric lawn mower, it is important to keep in mind the size of lawn you need to mow, how close the electrical outlet is and if you prefer a machine that has mulching capabilities and something that would best suit you taking into account your needs and your budget.

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